Seattle Live Music Band Spotlight: 2 Buck Chuck

April 02, 2014

Cutting through the ambient drone of suburbia, the music of Paragon rises above the waves to distinguish itself atop Queen Anne. This bar is not just a touchstone for great local live music in Queen Anne but has the history to stand alongside any music bar in Seattle. Since 1995 Paragon has seen a wide range of artists call the stage their home – from singer songwriter Brandi Carlile to jazz player Billy Brandt, from local favorite Fiasco to open mic host Levi Said. But for the past ten years there has been one band playing the Paragon stage week in and week out – 2 Buck Chuck.

The cover band 2 Buck Chuck consists of brothers Ryan and Sean Mefferd, both on vocals and acoustic guitar. The two brothers rock out to classics and roll into new hits all while engaging in a friendly brotherly banter.  Their sense of humor, subtle harmonies, and hypnotic strumming make for a fun, high-energy alternative to a full band, with more personality than a button-pushing DJ.

They’ve been “purveyors of 100% brotherly harmony acoustic goodness” since 2003 and have seen their fair share of excitement on the stage and in the crowd. They’ve played weddings, shows for angry sea captains, sang over bar fights (male and female), seen car crashes, and have gone through many, many glass tips jars. Playing at Paragon has been their most memorable experience, not just for the regular gig, but because it has allowed them to be part of the community of Queen Anne over the years. The band has witnessed couples meet, date, break up, get back together, get married (sometimes playing their wedding) and have kids. Being both characters and the sound track in so many stories binds them in a way to Paragon, Queen Anne, and the community in a way very few bands will ever be.


Recently we had the chance to sit down with the brothers and ask them a few light humored questions:

What would be the ultimate monster band?

Jon Bonham on drums, Steve Perry, Freddy Mercury, and Robert Plant on vocals, Mike Campbell and George Harrison on guitar, and Paul McCartney on bass (but he can’t sing).

What famous person (alive or dead) would you want to join you on the stage at Paragon?

Philip Seymour Hoffman on the pedal steel.

What was the first music concert both of you attended?

Robert Plant’s 1983 The Principle of Moments tour with Phil Collins on drums.

What songs are you currently working on?

“Wake me up” by Avicci and “Little Talks” by of Monsters and Men.

What are the best drinks an audience member could have at Paragon to enjoying your songs?

A shot of tequila, beer, and/or any concoction made by bartender Alvin.


So if you’re looking to rock out to current and classic hits while enjoying good drinks, come into Paragon (located at 2125 Queen Anne Ave. N) on Wednesday Nights at 9:30 p.m. to enjoy Two Buck Chuck. If they sound like a band you could use for a wedding or upcoming event please contact them here: [email protected].

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