Top 5 reasons Queen Anne is the best place in Seattle

What We Love About Queen Anne, Seattle

Queen Anne, Seattle has continued to be one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the greater Seattle area. But why? What is it that is so special about this neighborhood? Well…lets discuss. Here are the top 5 reasons why Queen Anne is kickin ass:

1. Kerry Park

Nearly every iconic photograph seen of the Seattle skyline was taken at this remarkable park. Located midway down Queen Anne Avenue sits the 1.26 acre plot of land that provides an unremarkable view of the city. From its angle, the Space Needle literally appears to be sitting in the middle of all the mighty high-rises. This is of course, not the case as if you’re from Seattle, you know that the Space Needle is actually quite far from these buildings. What’s even more outstanding with this view is Mount Rainier seen only on the scarce beautiful, clear days. Kerry Park is truly the tourist attraction of Queen Anne, and we’re pretty damn proud of that.

2. Small Town feel in a big city

Being a suburb of the city of Seattle, Queen Anne is located just a few short miles from the hustle and bustle of the city but once on top of Queen Anne Hill, which is commonly referred to as “Upper Queen Anne” you would never know you were so close. It truly has the small town feel. Friendly, warm, familiar, these are all characteristics that commonly describe Upper Queen Anne. And the greatest thing about this concept is the fact that it is so family friendly.

3. Family Friendly

I can tell you by experience, when walking around the Queen Anne Neighborhood, you’re going to walk by a whole lot of families. Mothers with strollers, children with their backpacks on, elderly couples walking hand in hand. In fact, Queen Anne is considered the 7th highest in livability in the Greater Seattle area, which truly explains why each year more and more families are flocking to the beautiful homes built in the many neighborhoods in the area.

4. Safety

Another reason why so many families are residing in the Queen Anne neighborhood is because of safety. According to the demographics researched for the area, the neighborhood of Queen Anne has a crime index, violent crime rate, and property crime rate that is 60% lower than Downtown Seattle and 40% lower than the entire Washington state. Pretty impressive right? In fact, Queen Anne is safer than 96% of all other suburbs in Seattle. If that doesn’t make you want to live here, than I don’t know what will.

5. Amenities

If safety wasn’t enough for you, perhaps the amenities in Queen Anne will be. There’s truly no limit to what you can do in Queen Anne. Hanging out in Upper Queen Anne? Then check out all the awesome bars and restaurants that are all walking distance from each other. For example, yours truly, Paragon Restaurant and Bar, located smack dab in the hustle of Queen Anne Ave, the main street going through Upper Queen Anne. Aside from the restaurants, there are multiple spas, churches, and small, local boutiques offering everything from home goods to clothing, to DVDs and video games. Hanging out in lower Queen Anne? Well you’re in luck because located in Lower Queen Anne is the infamous Seattle Center, where you’ll find the Space Needle, Key Arena, and the Experimental Music Project (EMP). All this within walking distance! And best of all, downtown is walking distance from all these amenities as well!

Clearly, Queen Anne is a pretty awesome place. But don’t forget, the best part of Queen Anne is the fact that this is where you will find us. Jamming out to live music 5 nights a week and always offering some fantastic food and drink specials. Make sure to stop by and say hello!

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