Perks of Hitting up Your Neighborhood Bar for Live Music Nights

August 21, 2014

Almost every single night, every single week, Paragon’s bar and restaurant in Queen Anne is setting the stage with some awesome local bands and musicians for live music nights. This means that when you head to the hill on just about any evening, you can hear the smooth appeal of local sound coming from our Queen Anne bar.

That’s what makes a neighborhood bar so fantastic – you can drop in, order a beer, and you know what to expect because the establishment knows you. Here are some of the other perks of visiting your neighborhood bar for live music nights…

  • Reliable: Since this is your local watering hole, you can rest assured that they’ll have what you require in the way of drinks, bites, and service. Or at very least, you have become accustomed to what they have and how they work, and the two of you (that is, you and your neighborhood bar) fit together quite nicely.
  • Interesting: We admit, not all neighborhood bars like to change up their live music nights as much as we do (some even do it more). But it’s nice to have a local spot to enjoy a beverage and maybe a snack while you catch some tunes from something new on the Seattle music scene.
  • Atmosphere: Most of us have been to those places, where the entertainment just gets way too ‘clubby’ and folks are stepping on each other’s toes. In other not-so-great spots, it feels like everyone in the entire place is watching you head to the bathroom because there’s no one there on a Friday night! That’s not Paragon – no, this neighborhood bar has just enough space to allow for a rowdier time if the music calls for it, as well as those intimate corners if you’d like to enjoy the sounds in peace.
  • Convenience: It’s rather nice to be able to walk over on a nice, summer evening after work and dinner to listen in on some Two Buck Chuck, right? We think so. When you head to your neighborhood bar for live music night, you have the added ease of being able to drop in for a single beer without the hassle of parking or traffic, and you can just walk safely home if you have a spot too much!

Join us at Paragon Tuesday through Saturday for live music nights, starting at 9 p.m. (ish)!

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