Paragon Cider Review

There’s really no doubt that hard ciders are very quickly gaining popularity. I mean, you truly can’t go wrong with an alcoholic beverage that isn’t just crisp and refreshing, but tastes just like apple juice. With more and more companies jumping on the cider bandwagon, even including major beer companies such as Stella Artois, Mike’s Hard, and even Michelob Ultra, there’s even more brands appearing that no one had heard of before the cider craze (Hello, Angry Orchard). I don’t know about other metropolitan cities but I know that in Seattle, it’s nearly impossible to find a bar that isn’t pouring at least a couple different varieties. And thankfully, Paragon Seattle is no different.

With the summer season quickly approaching, we here at Paragon Seattle are making sure that each beer we have on tap and in bottle will provide our patrons with a cold, crisp pint of whichever type of beer you prefer. And because we know just how much Seattle loves their ciders, we just recently added Seattle Cider Co. to our lineup. Along with adding Seattle Cider to our list of on tap beers, we also have Strongbow Cider and Crispin Honey Cider, both in bottles. So we have options, just like we know you like it.

Now, if you haven’t had the opportunity or haven’t wanted to take the chance of trying a cider this blog might be very helpful! Each cider is very unique and not all tastes the same, so let me introduce to you the three brands of ciders that Paragon Seattle has to offer:

First, Strongbow Cider:

Surprisingly, Strongbow Cider has actually been around far longer than most might assume. The company began in 1962 in London, England, and has remained one of the most popular alcoholic brands in the UK ever since the 1970’s. While the beverage has expanded amongst many countries across Europe and even Australia, it wasn’t until 2011 when Heineken bought the company and decided to bring it across the pond. It’s a good thing Heineken made this decision because today, Strongbow Cider is one of the most popular cider choices across the entire globe, including North America where Viagra going well

Next, lets talk about Crispin Cider. Here, at Paragon Seattle, we serve Crispin’s signature Honey Crisp cider in their twenty oz. bottles! It’s like 2 bottles in one… seriously. And, though the beverage is not produced in Washington, it does use Fresh pressed, unpasteurized Washington apples, specifically Granny Smiths and Golden Delicious. And, similar to many other ciders, one of Crispin’s claims to fame is the fact that they are certified gluten free, meaning those with gluten intolerance and even celiac disease are free to drink as much Crispin Honey Cider as
They’d please!

Crispin uses, unfiltered apple wine, some residue is left behind in the beverage. While the cloudiness can turn some people away, it really shouldn’t. This is a sign of natural, unprocessed, and organic matter that is found in Crispin Honey Cider. How can you complain about that?! Seattlelites LOVE Organic! So have no fear, give Crispin Honey Cider a shot, you’re sure to be happy with your choice!

Now, lastly, our newcomer and latest beverage to join our long list of draft beers. Seattle Cider Company.

If you visit Seattle Cider Company’s website you’ll see right there on the front page, “Not your Average Cider”. And it’s true, especially for those living in Seattle. There’s something really special about enjoying a locally owned, and locally brewed, with all local ingredients beverage and I know that many people living in Seattle feel the same way. This was one of the reasons why we here at Paragon Seattle chose this cider over all others. Another reason? It’s freaking delicious.

Containing about size percent alcohol content, Seattle Semi-Sweet Cider is made with a blend of Granny Smiths, Fujis, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Gala apples. You can’t tell me that a drink containing all this deliciousness isn’t worthy of love and appreciation.

So there you have it, a little info sesh about the three different cider brands you will find each night at Paragon Bar and Grill. Even so, we challenge you to a taste test. Come in and try all three! We would love to get your opinion, which one do you like best?

Happy Drinking!

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