Paragon Is Making Some Cosmetic Changes (Status Update 1)

Paragon Patrons,

The first day of summer is here! Its time for the vacations, sending time on the water, enjoying the weather (even if it is inconsistent) and everything else that the summer brings. This year, Paragon is going through some changes. We are making some upgrades and shaking things up a bit and making our cozy place on the top of the Queen Anne hill a little different for the Fall 2013. This week, we just finished some painting throughout the restaurant, organizing a little bit more and changing some light fixtures around (apparently the Edison bulb is very in right now). We would love for all of you to come in and check out what we have done and stay tuned for some more updates in the coming weeks and months! Lots of great stuff ahead and we hope you all have a wonderful summer.


The Paragon Team

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