How to Make a Great Live Music Night Awesome

Restaurants and bars all over this city and others who have live music performances often boast that theirs is the best. Sure, we may be a bit biased – we think our Seattle live music night is the best in the city – but we have reasons to back up that opinion. In order to make the best live music night, or to make a great live music night awesome, we think there are three main ingredients…

The Right Venue

The ambiance of the live music venue is almost important as the performance itself! The best spaces are ones where the acoustics distribute sound evenly. Additionally, it helps if the arrangement of the music venue is such that everyone can hear the performance without having to strain to listen or go deaf. The stage area and acoustics at Paragon are such that you can enjoy the live music tunes from every seat in the restaurant, and the noise is never deafening. Of course, you want wait staff and a bartender that’s on their game as well, to keep your beverage refreshed and bring along any late night bites. We’ve got that, too!

The Right Beverages

As you revel in the folky, Americana feel of the live music at Paragon, you will also want to sit back and sip something delicious! Great beverages are another integral part of what makes a great live music night awesome. You want to be able to sip a tasty local beer, enjoy a smooth glass of wine, or drink a classic cocktail to enhance your live music night experience, so the venue had best supply! Whether you’re a beer drinker or more of a martini aficionado, you’ll find an excellent variety of options at a very reasonable price here at Paragon – your live music night experience is really important to us.

The Right Performers

No live music night is complete without a fantastic performance, of course! Ryan and Sean Mefferd – the guys behind our longtime Wednesday night band – offer some good quality fun with their band, Two Buck Chuck. Tuesdays are our Open Mic nights with host Levi Said, Thursday is Ladies & DJs night, and we rotate local bands on Fridays and Saturdays for five nights a week of live music.

Oh, and there’s never a cover charge at Paragon – even better! We look forward to having you join us for an upcoming live music night, very soon!

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