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Sundae and Mr. Goessl

February 2, 2017 @ 9:00 pm

Sundae and Mr. Goessl

Sundae & Mr. Goessl perform live at Paragon Seattle on Thursday, February 2, 2017.  Paragon is proud and lucky to have this incredibly entertaining duo perform.  Please show your support for local live music.  Come for dinner and stay for the show.

Music on Thursday

Sundae and Mr. Gossel perform live at Paragon Seattle.

“Overall, Sundae + Mr. Goessl is more than a vintage duo, their authenticity and commitment to the genre rings true, and the genuineness shines through in their renditions of these classic gems. The duo takes you through delightfully fun romps, to late night after hours sounds. Like listening to Billie Holiday, you feel you are taking two friends along with you on your day – it has that instantaneous likeability.”

— H. Allen williams – jazztimes


A delightful throwback to a time when music was the entertainment, Sundae + Mr. Goessl perform a wide variety of vintage jazz. With Sundae’s sparkling personality, she almost reaches out to grab the audience as she sings and her melodica solos are out of this world. Mr. Goessl’s impeccable jazz guitar work is nothing short of incredible and although he doesn’t talk, he speaks to the listeners through his instrument. Lighthearted yet heartfelt, Sundae and Mr. Goessl are sure to leave an impression.

Sundae + Mr. Goessl play a variety of venues with a wonderful mix of tunes ranging from 1930-1960. From small wedding ceremonies to opera houses, this duo has done it all! With so much experience (over 500 shows!) and their very own pro sound system (thanks QES and Mackie!) it’s no wonder they are in such high demand nationally.

Kate (Sundae) Voss:
Sundae has steeped for over a decade in vocal jazz performance and earned the Seattle Vocal Jazz Princess title in 2014. Studying under Greta Matassa, she’s had many opportunities to sing all across the US. Sundae often surprises her audiences with a melodica solo and with 10 years as a piano instructor under her belt, it is quite a treat. She appears regularly around Seattle lending her unique sounds to a myriad of styles ranging from indie/pop to Western Swing and has had her hand in some proverbial pies this year with up and coming electro-pop and Americana projects. However, she proves most delightful and captivating when she injects her verve into these Golden Age songs with her style described by allaboutjazz.com as “an informed coquettishness that possesses the merest hint of Billie Holiday.”

Jason (Mr.) Goessl:
Born and raised in a small village in eastern Wisconsin Mr. Goessl became an accomplished jazz guitarist by age 17. At age 18 Mr. Goessl started his trek west. His first stop was Eau Claire WI. There he studied music at the University and played in the award winning jazz ensemble with such jazz greats as saxophonist Michel Brecker and guitarist Charlie Byrd. Getting the itch for more inspiration, Goessl moved to Minneapolis where he made a living gigging most nights of the week. With his insatiable desire for creativity and elevation, Mr. Goessl made the trek to Seattle WA. Today, Mr. Goessl makes a living as one of Seattle’s top guitarist in most genres. From jazz to country, indie to Brazilian, surf to metal, Goessl is a freelance guitarist that approaches the music with studied curiosity and stamps it with his indelible signature sound.

Sundae + Mr. Goessl are based out of and perform regularly in the Greater Seattle area and can be hired for private events, weddings and corporate functions.

Instrumentation: Mr. Goessl plays a modfied Epiphone Swingster. Sundae sings into a Shure 55 Deluxe and plays melodica. Sundae + Mr Goessl are sponsored by Quimper Electronic Systems and use a Roadtripper Black Tie personal PA combo amp.