The History of the Cosmopolitan

History Of The “Cosmopolitan”

You see them all over the city. Ladies gathering around their table enjoying laughter, friendship, and life but it’s what in their hand that I’m talking about. The popular Cosmopolitan martini has long been a very popular drink of choice, especially for the ladies. Perhaps it’s because of the bright pink color that you more often see woman holding it instead of men, or maybe its the fact that its most well known for being the drink of choice for Carrie Bradshaw and the girls from “Sex and The City”.

Every weekday from four to seven, Paragon Bar and Grill offers Happy Hour with a wide variety of drinks and food and a consistent favorite amongst our patrons remains our Cosmo. So, where does this cocktail derive from and how is it made? Well luckily I’m here to tell you.


Though the modern version of the Cosmopolitan (the classic pink martini we’re all aware of) didn’t become popular until the early nineties, the cocktail has actually been around since as early as the 1930’s. This earlier version of the drink consisted of a shot of Gin, two dashes Cointreau, one squeeze of a lemon and one teaspoon of raspberry syrup. This version derived from St. Louis but didn’t spread much further. It wasn’t until the 1960’s when Cheryl Cook, a bartender from Miami published a bartender’s guide when the modern Cosmopolitan was born. It really comes to no surprise that women prefer this drink, because well, that was Cook’s intention. Make a martini pink and woman will buy into it. Well done Cheryl Cook.

The recipe:

It really doesn’t take much to create a Cosmopolitan. It’s so well known amongst bartenders that most often it’s not even on a menu. People just know what to order, and bartenders know how to make it. So, what are all those ladies drinking? It’s simple:

  1. Mix 3 parts citrus vodka (or regular vodka),
  2. 2 parts cranberry juice,
  3. 1 part triple sec,
  4. 1 part lime juice
  5. Shake and serve in a chilled martini glas

Voilà a Cosmopolitan.

So there it is. The history of the Cosmopolitan. Cheers ladies!